the Board of Equalization is broken..

An audit in 2015 showed that among nepotism, unfair employment practice, and a chain of offenses that string back through the decades, the current board also misallocated hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. The current board is also being investigated for misappropriation of $50 million.

This constitutionally created office has a long history of mismanagement and corruption, yet continues to exist in ambiguity as a cushy job and placeholder for party insiders between jobs. A job that currently pays $142k annually to do practically nothing.

When elected, I will:

  • Break the cycle of insider politics plaguing the Board of Equalization
  • Audit the Board of Equalization internally and cut out inefficiencies while protecting existing jobs
  • Promote a tax and penalty system that works to keep businesses open
  • Real Transparency (regular updates and interactive programming)
  • Push to implement a pro-active information source and learning program for business owners 

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